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POLONICO TV is an innovative tv project for Polish language expats where common currency is PLC token to be exchanged for various services: polish tv channels subscriptions, polish movies on demand, polish creators theme channels eg. yoga tv, cooking tv, news tv as well as own content to be bought in subscription model.


  • Experienced international Team

  • Buyback from profits - up to 20% of profit will be used to buy back and burn tokens every year

  • Exchange listing guarantied by

  • PLC token exchangable to many services as described below


By purchasing the POLONICO PLC token, you support Tv project and you get free access to the  tv subscribtion.

Current TV stream available at website. The payment for the monthly subscription is comming soon. At this moment the stream is still free per view.

Tokens give you flexibility, you can pay with them for a variety of services, products, subscriptions, whether they are monthly fees or a one-time movie rental.

In the nearest future we plan to offer you much more services provided by our Partners.

Learn more about he privileges for the PLC purchasers at

BUSINESS OFFER - Marketing Platform

For companies operating locally, we have attractions in the form of the possibility of exchanging tokens for advertising services dedicated to their customers living in their area, precisely matched to the profile of the user they want to reach, directly on the TV screen and later also in the Polonico mobile application.


With Polonico tokens (PLC) you will be able to pay for products and services from our partners, e.g. art galleries, including exclusive access to artworks  or other valuable and limited productions only for holders of PLC tokens.


If you want to become a Polonico Partner, run a business and would like to be able to pay for your products / services and PLC tokens, contact us. We look forward to welcoming you on board. You will get direct advertising directly to your clients, and your countrymen will have a new form of payment, simple, fast, convenient, operating in the entire Polonico ecosystem.

JOIN our innovative project and enjoy the ride!


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